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Beta 4T known issues & probs? RR350 RR390 RR430 RR480

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i had a test ride on a 430 the other day and really liked it... although i'll be sticking with the beta smokers i'd like to do a review on the thumpers. 


i couldn't find a single thing to dislike about it except it still has that pointy end on the sidestand like my RR300 that sinks into the dirt.


i looked through the RR350 thread here and found a few comments:

- seat is too hard

- pegs slippery in wet conditions

- lower frame tubes can get bent

- possibly a fan needed for racing.


anyone found any other issues with their beta thumper? and about the frame rails, i assume they are aren't any weaker on betas but that they just get hit more often because they have slightly less ground clearance? that's the case with the RR300, the downside of the low seat height is less clearance so more opportunity to bang those frame rails. :)

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