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Sxf 350 no gear change

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Hi people.

I have a question for the 350 sxf owners out there, mine is a 2013 and appears to have a strange gear change situation.

It will

Change gear up and down the box ok when it's cold but as soon as it's hot and you are in 3 rd gear it will not change down again until

You come to a stand still.

Bit weird as its deffo heat sensitive. Could this be a bushing or bearing somewhere seizing when warm in the box?

Just thought I'd ask your opinions before I split her open to

Have looked at Plenty of articles about the shift mechanism being crap but surely that would play up all the time if worn?

Will not change down with clutch or without clutch being used. Clutch does fully disengage drive as well so

I know that's not dragging.

The lever moves and you can stamp on

It but nothing happens.


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