Pro Taper Vs Fat Bar

Which bar is more durable and resistant to bending? I have always used Pro Tapers with great results, but have not used Renthal’s Fat Bar. Is the Fat Bar more durable? I just bent my stockers and am ready to throw them into the can. Anyone’s comments would be greatly appreciated.

I've never had Pro Taper's, but I do have the Fat Bar CR Hi bend that I put on when I put on my new Oberg Sports Triple Clamp. I like the bars and they are less expensive than the Pro Tapers (at least they were at Motosport outlet - which has no sales tax and no shipping if spending over $100).

You may consider looking at what you wrote in your own post though. If you've liked the Pro Tapers in the past, why switch?

I am interested in the fat bars because I'm always open to new ideas and products. I am looking to see if someone who has used both the fat bars and pro tapers found that one was superior to the other. If several people agree that the fat bars are more rugged, I'm willing to give them a try. So, if anyone has tried both of these bars I would like to hear how they compare.

I have used both and I personally prefer the Fatbars but this is not due to one being superior to the other. I have crashed with both and never bent either, now my buddy has bent a set of protapers but I am sure you could bend the Fatbars if you crashed hard enough. If you want the toughest bars around you could try the Renthal Twin Walls, I havent tried these because I think they would be way to stiff, I like the flex I get without a crossbar.

I can't speak for the Fatbars as I have never had any of them. Since you have used Pro Tapers, you know what the are capable of. I have used them for years and and they are very durable. I see no reason to change from something I know works so well.


Both bars are actually very simular! Same design, material and thickness. I use the Renthal Fat-bar and love them, while my buddy uses Pro-tappers and he loves those. I compaired them and the only difference I saw was the color.


i use the tag bars because yo ucan get them in cr double hi. i nailed a tree and broke my wrist aabout a month ago and they did not bend. pro taper makes a bar calle dth epastrana free style that is even taller than cr double hi. may try that out whe my wrist is better. i have also used fat bars and protapers. they work fine and i have never bent them.


Tag cr double hi, very high quality. Ive used renthals, pro tapers and the tag bars, the only bars I've bent is the stock set. The tag bars have the best quality and very nice knurling. mike

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