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2007 XT225 Carburetor cleaning

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So I finally got my new-to-me '07 XT 225's carb removed and taken apart.  Sure enough the reason it won't start or run is the powdery alien-green used-to-be gasoline spooge thoroughly coating the interior.  I'm wondering if to safely clean this thing I need to remove the plastic "slide-guide" from the carb body?  It appears they don't really want you to remove it (for some reason) given the funky fasteners used.  They look like a combo of allen and torx screws with a tit in the middle similar to the anti-theft fasteners used on bathroom doors (who would ever want to steal a bathroom door is a mystery to me.)  I'm sure I could safely spray it with carb cleaner and compressed air....but given the level of contamination I'm thinking I may have to soak the entire body in carb cleaner...possibly using an ultrasonic cleaner....and I'm not certain the plastic can withstand that. Given that it appears to be an item not sold separately (from the carb body) (according to the one vendor parts diagram I looked at) I'd prefer not chancing it if I don't have to.  On the other hand....those fasteners make it look like they really don't want you removing the plastic guide from the carb body....and if that's for a good reason I'd prefer to not find out the hard way as to why.


Any advice on the best way to proceed would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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