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Wr426 idle issues

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You pilot jet or the passage above it, is clogged or partially clogged.

What does ' I just cleaned the carb' actually mean..... because a carb that old really needs to be rebuilt......


Its cool i got it to run now, where the boot connects there were two small jets my guess is for air flow on the idle but i cleaned them and it started up nice. The only thing im worried about is when i was starting it ( this never happend to me yet) the compression felt really low like i could kick it without the comp release, it started really low rpm but i remember seeing this plug that goes on the carb, so i thought maybe it was that telling the cdi to open it or something i dont know , but that was with no choke, then i started it with choke and fiddled with the idle and it kicked normal after that when i started it again (needing the comp release to kick the fu&king thing)

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