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Creating a super motto on a budget.

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Im starting with a 2003 cr250r (2-stroke). So Im gonna buy a tusk lighting kit and some D.O.T approved tires. I know I also need a headlight and speedometer, However I had a few questions about this part. Since I am on a students salary I would like to save money were ever possible. So would my bike pass inspection if I just bought a phone mount and bought a speedometer app on my phone and used that? Also since my bike doesn't have a headlight what could I do to avoid paying $300 on a headlight kit? I wont be riding at night so I'm not worried about not having a functional light just something that will pass inspection and not get me pulled over. I live in Colorado by the way, and if anybody knows the titling process I would appreciate any info on that. Any other info would be greatly appreciated!

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