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2001 RM125 Gear Shift Fork Shaft - Jammed Gear Shifter

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So when I was riding, my bike got stuck in first gear halfway throughout the ride. The shiftier peg was jammed and has no play whatsoever, no matter how much I would rock the bike etc. So i continued riding in first gear (to get back to my truck) and after about a minute of riding the problem resolved itself and the shifter popped back and was fully functional again. After the ride I immediately changed the gearbox oil as I suspected dirty or improper oil was a culprit.


However, next ride the problem occurred again, bike stuck in gear. This time it wasn't fixing itself so I removed the clutch cover and clutch to reveal the shifting forks so I can see whats causing the jam up.




Turns out the shifter was being held down by the gear shift fork (SHAFT, GEAR SHIFT FORK NO.1, part #25411-37F20) which had slid out of its hole. In the following photo the gear shift fork was slid back in, but during the jam up it was slid out and overtop of the shifter not allowing it to pop back up into its current resting position.






Now with the gear shift fork pushed back in the bike can obviously shift like normal, however the problem is not yet solved. What caused the gear shift fork to slide out of its hole, and whats stopping it from sliding back out in the future? It appears as if there should be a piece that fits into this grove which should stop the fork from sliding out:




I felt around in the bottom of the crank case for a lose piece which may have fallen out of that hole to hold the fork in place, but found nothing. Is it possible that during the previous rebuild, they just forgot to put that piece in place? Before i put the bike back together I wanna see what you guys think about this. 


Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated!

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