Need to breathe

Looking for ways to open the airbox. That damn battery is in the way.

03 or 04? The 04 has some pre-punched cut outs on the right side of the air box. Remove the right air box cover and you will see them. I cut mine out with a sharp utility knife. Of course the bike isn't very water-proof after you do this mod. Also have you already removed the snorkel?

While I had the rear subframe off for a spring change I took the dremel tool to the airbox. I took out the lid/battery holder and cut the top lip off. I then cut the back off of the rectangular opening (leaving the center divider) and cut the sides off to meet the front lower corner. I cut two eyebrow holes in the back of the airbox above where the rear fender meets the box. If someone can host the pics for me I have several good ones (or I can email them directly to you). Good luck


Those mods mike did are based on my cut outs of the air box last February and are posted on David Dialogue's web site photos:

Thanks Mike, jpeg's would be great! Home e-mailis:


Mark D.

Sorry, Indy...give credit where credit is due :) I've got several pics of the airbox completely disassembled that may be helpful if David wants to add them to his web site.

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