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Yamaha Does this wiring look correct?

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So I just got this quad today and im seeing a couple issues. Its a 2004 YFZ450


See the attached pictures. The wiring block above the battery doesnt look right to me. There are 4 prongs and it looks like something should be clipped in there, not have spade connectors on it. There is a plug laying right next to it that appears to have a relay plugged in on top of it. If you unplug the reply it fits right in the block on top of the batter where the spade connectors are attached.


None of it looks right too me. I do have a problem with my headlights not working. The previous owner said that the last trip he was on they stopped working. Also while on the trip he said that would some times come on and off indicating a loose connection. I ran up and down the harness and could not find a loose connection or bad connection or bare or corroded wire.


So I am wondering if something in the back in the picture has been tampered with and if that is affecting my headlights, thanks.

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