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2004 XR 100R jetting question/ hard restart warm

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Hi, my question is, all else being equal what is the difference in idle mixture/ CO reading between a # 35 pilot idle mix screw screwed out approx. 2 turns and a #38 screwed out 3/4 of a turn??


I can't  get my head around it, much of a muchness surely??   You are compensating for a richer jet by having to screw the mixture screw in further  giving a leaner mix. ( but same as with the leaner jet )


I am asking this as I am having hard warm restart problems having to half choke to restart


I may raise the needle one clip from stock and recheck/raise fuel level.  Ant ideas ??


Runs ok otherwise, has a 98 main jet.     Valve clearances set slightly looser  at 3 and 4 thou.


Regards from OZ.

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