Crank End Access Cover Stuck

Have a 2011 YZ450, in process of redoing top end. I tried to get my crank end access cover off. After spraying with penetrating oil and heating up it will not budge. The 14 mm allen is now rounded out on the cover after a few attempts to loosen. My next attempt will be a chisel and punch on the outer edge. Any tips or tricks for getting these out? I was thinking about possibly drilling and tapping a hole with left hand thread but worried about debris in the engine. The cover will be thrown away at this point so I just have to get it out. Anybody had a similar issue and what worked?

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I had this problem as well..i ended up taking a dremel and cutting a slot from one of the points of the allen out towards the edge of the plug..but not all the way. 

Also don't use a sharp edge screwdriver or punch and be sure to cut a good lip to hammer at an angle and not directly into the motor..i actually split the plug at my first go at it

Got it to come off. Used a dremel to make a groove the out toward the edge. Tapped it with a flat faced punch.

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