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FMF Power Core 4 review

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Ok boys and girls this muffler showed up at my door, (which I did not order) specifically designed for the Beta 4-stroke.  

While it was my prior intent to never increase the noise level of my bike. Most here already know that the Power Core 4 is a louder muffler.


I always thought that the 2014 OEM muffler was/is a very efficient muffler, as when the bike was stock, it seemed quiet, seemingly unrestricted.


Also over the years I've played with a couple of FMF Q4 systems and tuning them for my bikes, the Q4's were never much quieter than 94db on my CRF450x (on a good day).


Fast forward, I installed a JD jetting kit last summer and that made my bike so much better and with the OEM muffler still seemed really good, maybe ever so slightly rich (or the level of back pressure made it feel that way) so after installation of this muffler on the OEM header pipe I found a whole new motor inside my frame.

The running of the bike's power is soo much smoother, quicker revving, opened up the off idle and low/mid range power and quickness of it to rev up, with no popping/stumbling/hesitation. Riding around town and short shifting it, it seemed no louder than the OEM muffler, but cranking it, well we all know that's a different story. 


These Power Core 4 mufflers come with a spark arrestor but still are noisy, reviews I've read were in the range of 104-106db at 1/2 throttle for different bikes but not sure how accurate they were. There is a optional 96db quiet insert available for this muffler, which most likely will cut the power a little. 


So my final thoughts, I love this free flowing muffler and power it brings to my 450 Beta as it changed the way the motor feels completely. I do not like the loudness of it, but for now I'll live with it on the bike, but when I enter some organized rides come spring time I might try a quiet insert as most structured DS rides on the west coast check for sound.

I'd rate this muffler @ 3 1/2 sparkplugs out of max of 5.....

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