IMS pegs that drop and lower rider position?

Has anyone ever used these? I have heard of them and would be interested to know if it made a difference in the handling of the bike? I would rather do that then have to buy a new top clamp, and stabalizer mount, bars, etc.... Thanks for any help.



I never heard of IMS pegs that mount lower, but if there out there please post it. I'm tall and this would help me also. Take care


Pete :D

I lowered my stock pegs. You can look at my thread called something like setup for taller rider. I had some responses about lowering the stock pegs from other members. It is really easy. Just cut off the barrel and put it on the other side. I did not reweld it on, neither did others. You will need to swap the springs. Fastway sells pegs with the barrel loose so it can placed on either side. I took my bike out from the first time this weekend. It did not affect the handling.

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