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'98/'99 or '00/'01 Governor in '00 Engine?

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I recently purchased a '98/'99 replacement inner clutch cover for my '00. I found several posts stating that they were interchangeable. Well....that's somewhat true.You can swap the newer cover onto the older engine, but not the other way around. The newer engine uses a slightly larger governor, so the portion of the inner clutch cover has been milled out a bit larger.......can't fit the larger governor into the smaller area on the '98/'99 covers.


With that said, I've found several post about swapping governor assemblies in order to change the characteristics of the power valve. I couldn't find much info on my vintage of bike though. It was mainly for the '03/'04 bikes.


Should I search for another inner clutch cover that's for my bike and use the correct governor assembly or is there something to be gained by using the older inner clutch cover and matching governor assembly? 



The engine in question is a 250

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