Practice, Friday 3-8 at VMC

Going to practice Friday 3-8-02 at VMC. Any TT'ers who would like to join us are welcome.


You're killing me man!

Have fun!


When the little woman catches you loading the truck at 4:30am tell her that one of the guys at work wants to check out your bike and gear. Call in sick, tell her you will be at a meeting out of town for the day, have the baby sitter hide the kids and come ride!!! If we get started early, you can be home before dark!!


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hey ernie I'm still wondering where VMC is. How bout some directions or at least the city. I'm gonna see if I can swing a couple of hours on Friday.


VMC is located right off of the I-15 at the north end of Victorville. There are some photos and directions at

I'm gonna get there around 9:00 and I'll be driving my red Ford F-250 extra cab with a blue utility trailer. I may jerk my son out of school that day for some man bonding. I'll have either one or both the bikes that have white #44's with black backgrounds.

Hope you can make it, Ernie

Hey Ernie I just did the Adelanto GP up there about 2 weeks ago. The drive from down here is a little out of my reach for a day ride. Sorry but that's gonna be a no go. If I do ride up there in the future it'll be a weekend thing. I'm pretty lucky though because I live about 7 miles from the Elsinore track. It's not too shabby. Have a good one though.

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A little long? Try driving from Vegas and back...... :) And the kicker about the entire day is that the drive is way more of a white-knuckle experience than the riding (especially heading north on I-15 on a Friday afternoon/evening)!


Sorry couldn't make it out! I know you'll have a good time anyway. I will let you know next time we plan on moto'ing out there.


How bout a track report.


hey Rich,

The track was in great shape. It did get a little dusty about 2:00 but they got water on it and it was fine after that.

Lee changes the track just enough to keep you on your toes!! The dirt was well groomed, jump faces smooth and the landings smooth too. A few rocks the size of raquetballs started showing up later in the day. Had to keep an eye out for those since I hate fixing flats and/or launching the front end in the middle of a fast corner.

The last couple of weeks I have done the big double before the whoops. I was then able to quad the whoops. Much smoother line but I had to grow some sack to try the double!! The big double in front is still good too.

You'll need to drag your happy a$$ down here to ride. Still unsure about the weekends off thing because there were not as many transfers as I had hoped for. Still some light at the end of the tunnel but it is dim!!!!


Sounds good. I'll be heading that way before long it just that Fridays are real bad for me both at work as well as traffic back to town from there.

I'm looking at Toy Haulers right now and seem to remember a few RV places around Victorville. Any place that you know of that give killer deals? Vegas RV places are overpriced compared to some of the ads in the Cali RV traded pubs.



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