2015 yz450 lose of power at high rpm?

It straight bogs if I hit a g out while giving it a handful of throttle. But only for a second. Then at high speed it does it. My bike has 70 hrs on it any ideas I was going to start with the basics and do a plug clean tank and put the one air filter back in

Check your fuell line.I took my tank off and twisted it the wrong way and pinch the line.

Thanks Miley I will do that tomorrow in the shop. I will post results. These forums are so helpful huh :)

Okay so new spark plug, put a new ecu in it from a new bike at the shop leak by test cleared #30 code off of ydc now is getting worse blowing smoke on deceleration when revving, also changed oil and made sure the screen was clear. The intake is clean everything is still good. when i seat bounce it acts like whaaaa bbbooggggg! then whaa it picks back up any help please???

Don't have a code chart handy, what does the DTC 30 say?

something about the angle censer and oil pressure. but the angle censer is in the ecu and everything with the oil checks out. we also checked fuel pressure it was 100% OKAY  

My first right was fuel pump. I have seen several others on here have issues with them and I wouldn't rule out a fuel delivery problem since your issue is intermittent. It would be highly unlikely that you could replicate the problem in the shop. Could be many different things causing your issues, but don't rule out fuel delivery just yet. Other more knowledgeable people on here can probably help you more with other things to check.

You guys i feel like a horses butoot. I ended up pinching my kill switch wire  when i moved my bar mounts to the upper spot in the clamp. just took a long time to have it ground out lol im a idiot !!! thanks for the replies though.

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