04 torque limiter seisure...

I couldn't believe this when I heard it but I had to relay this story to you guys.

I just finished talking with a coworker who's got an 04 WR450 (never ridden with him but we chat often about dirt bikes.) He's out on his second ride on his new 04 wr when the bike makes a clunking noise and the motor locks up. It won't start and he can't kick it over. He puts it in nuetral and pushes it a mile back to the truck. This bike had 36 miles on it! Dealer pulled the cover to find that the torque limiter appeared to be seized up and had galled the flywheel teeth and the starter teeth. The woodruff key was not sheared off! They pulled the torque limiter out and kicked the bike over and it fired up!

He also mentioned the dealer put a torque wrench on the new limiter and it broke free at 110ft-lbs!! The dealer said it was breaking free at 25ft-lbs. after that initial torquing. Should I try to see where mine breaks free when my parts arrive before installing them? Remember, I have a fragile 03 model. :)

Something smells! I'd find a new dealer. There is no way the torque limiter could lock up the motor. When the motor is running the torque limiter doesn't even turn! The 03 idler gear is virtually solid. Now the one way clutch on the flywheel could have failed and that might cause the problem mentioned but no way is the torque limiter the root cause of his problem. In fact when you kick start the bike the one way clutch is supposed to keep the electric start components disengaged. If removing the torque limiter free's it up then something is definitely wrong with the one way clutch/flywheel. Hmmm... :)

If removing the torque limiter free's it up then something is definitely wrong with the one way clutch/flywheel. Hmmm... :D

That may be what the dealer was referring to. :) I spoke with my friend and he confirmed the dealer definitely told him the torque limiter though. It doesn't suprise me a bit that this particular dealer got it wrong. :D

I am with PBDBlue on this there is no way that a seized torque limiter is going to not allow you to kick start the bike. The one way clutch behind the flywheel takes care of that. :D I sense some miss communication! If the limiter seizes you have an 03 starter design! I am confused as to how that is possible. :)

I suspect the one-way clutch failed for some reason and that took out the other components. Hopefully this is just an isolated incident. There are a good number of 04's out there and I haven't heard of any other problems.

great, now everybody is going to be pulling their '04 parts out to check 'em. seems to me it was the tt membership who were giving our dealers the facts on idler gears and torque limiters before yamaha was. i don't think we've heard the end of this one.

This seems to be a one of event so far. Like many of the posts seen here there may more to the story that's not being told (like "did I forget to mention I pushed the estart button a couple of times with the engine running" or something like that). At any rate it doesn't seem to be a widespread problem. I don't think I'll lose any sleep over it.

This is bull from the dealer. It is an isolated incident and I do not see any reason that we should expect a mass issue with the 04 starter upgrade! There is no technical explanation for the failure and the facts presented in the dealer's analysis. :)

i agree. you could weld the torque limiter (or idler gears) into one solid peice and it would not stop the bike from starting or cause it to lock up.

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