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I am wanting to use castrol 20W50 in my 98 yz400. The reason is because its 45 miles to the nearest bike shop to get EXPENSIVE oil, and 4 miles to wal-mart. If im going to have to change my oil every 3 rides it would be alot easier on me to use castrol 20W50. Does anyone know of any reason why I couldnt or shouldnt do this.

What oil to use has been beaten to death on this board. Do a search on oil to see!

I and many others use Mobil 1 15-50 fully synthetic (red cap) available at wally-world. You need to use a non-energy conserving oil (non-EC). The red cap version of Mobil 1 full synth fits the bill.


Steve T

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ditto what skthom2320 said. The oil debate has been beaten to death here. You can find alot of good info though just doing the search. Also fyi

for anyone interested, I've been getting Mobil 1 15w50 (red top) for $2.94 a qt. at Target! I've been stocking up every pay-day just in case they realize how cheap they're selling it!

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It's more a function of how much friction modifiers are in the product. Generally, if it does not say energy conserving on the round label you'll be ok. I know guys who run castrol, mobil red cap, and I personnally run Mobil Devlac 1300 super. I get it at wally world for $5.31 a gallon.

Bottom line is if a product makes the clutch slip dump the oil out and try something else. I don't think you'll have a problem though.

Thanks Rich, I have decided to go with Mobil 1 red cap. I can get it at wal-mart for $4.47 a quart. I dont really have to go the cheapest route but I sure cant afford to go the most expensive route either.

Thanks again, Skip

I sent my son to wal-mart to get some mobil 1 15w50 red cap. This oil says tri-synthetic formula and at the bottom says fully synthetic, is this the wrong oil? I thought we didnt need to use synthetic oil because of the clutch. Or do they make mobil 1 petroleum 15w50?

Thanks, Skip

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