Boring the 600


i am boring my 600 .030 over what will my new CC be? what is the foumula for that. my current bore and stroke is 97.0 x 80.0 mm (3.8 x 3.1 inches)591.00 cc so i guess a 591.00cc is a 600.



The formula for calculating CC's is:

Bore(in cent.) X Bore X Stroke(in cent.) X .7854 = CC's

So stock you have 9.7 x 9.7 x 8.0 x .7854 = 591.19 cc's

The list for the 600 shows the overbores in mm. The first over is .5mm and gives 597. 2nd over is 1.0mm and gives 603. They also have a big bore kit which is 3.0mm over at 628cc.


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