426 with quad "Thumb" throttle!

I met two guys yesterday who had "thumb" throttles yesterday. One was a 426 so I gave it a spin.

I have no clue how they ride like that! His 2000 426 had the hesitation from hell. So you push the button and then two seconds later ...waaaap. Its hard enough to hang on to a 426. Try to do it with your thumb NOT wrapped around the grip!

His buddy on a yz 250 smoke had it too. I asked why and they told some story about a friend braking their wrist.I was kinda like stories people tell you about someone who died in a car wreck and it was the seatbelts fault.

Just thought I would share this wierdness. No offense if someone in here has the same setup.

I have been running thumb throttles on my Laeger (quad) YZF426 for two years now, and with proper tunnning there is no hesitation. I don't know why, when I ride my dirt bikes I am fine with a twist throttle, but when I get on my quad it's nothing but a thumb throttle for me. Sorry that the first 426 quad you rode was a bad running one, mine rips.. Later Dave

A riding buddy of mine rides an '01 CR 125 with a thumb throttle. He rode quads for years and after switching to bikes, he couldn't get used to a twist. He rides trails and races MX with it. He says it's great in the whoops, but I don't see how he does it.

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