Cycra plastics

Looking at getting a kit for my 16 yz450f.

How do these fit? I'm looking for some feedback before buying a set. Anything helps thanks in advance

I personally did not care for the fit on my 14 YZ. The air box cover and shroud alignment was poor to say the least and it didn't have enough of a lip to seat firmly on the airbox itself. I bought the whole kit and only ended up using the front and rear fenders. Mine also shipped to me without the hardware spacer kit so I was already frustrated about that to begin with. I will say that the guys I spoke with at Cycra were extremely nice and drop shipped the kit to me rather quickly. I may revisit using the kit again if my plastics ever kit damaged enough to warrant replacement.

Love mine definitely gives the front end a smaller feel, you will need the pins from a 14 for the side bolts

Kinda hokey to me...





I thought those were supposed to be narrower?




Lol, you've defeated the point of a brake snake...

Lol the pedal isn't installed as you can see by how high it is in relation to the foot peg, the brake pedal was just quickly put on the other day

Fit is not great but acceptable. Took mine off for one reason, I felt roost had a more direct route to the air box with cycra kit.

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