2003 wr450f front brake wiring

Hi, struggling to figure how to connect the front brake wiring. The wiring coming out of the brake is two black wires with male pin plug. What wires would I connect these to? Sorry for the rookie question but I really have no idea about electrical stuff. Is there any way to test the wiring is correct without having the bike running?


What 'wiring' are you talking about?


Speedo sensor?


What brand of speedo and sensor?

Thanks for the reply Krannie.

I have two black wires that come out of the front brake lever (hydraulic switch wires I think) that I guess are for the stop light on the back. They dont seem to have any where to connect to and I cant really understand the wiring diagram well enough to know what to do. Just wanting to know if and where I can connect these wires so they operate the rear brake. I need to have all the lights operational to get her road registered here in Australia.

Thanks again mate and sorry if its a stupid question haha :thumbsup:

Not  being specifically familiar with exactly what you have on your bike, it's hard to say, but basically, you have a switch  circuit that needs to go inline with the 12v positive side of the rear brake light.

You can simply trace the rear hydralic brake light switch wires and put your front brake wires in parrallel with them.


You are not being clear about if it what you have is broken, missing, aftermarket, rigged, or what.


I don't know if you can acutally buy a WR in AU with a front brake hydro switch already installed.....so it's probably aftermarket.


You should do a YouTube search on 'adding front brake hydralic swtich"

Ah ok, ill try get some pics up tomorrow. Having troubke uploading pics. It is an okd bike so odds are its aftermarket. I thought most wr's sold here xame road ready.

Thanks again for your help

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