Adjusting CO didn't help starting.....

So after the co to +12 my start ups still have moments when the bike won't restart. I was up in the desert over T-Day and it was on the colder side, 25 at night and mid 50's during the day. There were multiple time when I'd stop during a ride and it would still take 2-4 pushes of the button before the bike would fire up. Both stopping on purpose or stalling the bike.

So basically I didn't notice any real different in how the bike acted before and after I adjusted the co to +12. Unfortunately I didn't try other settings.

Fresh plug, gapped at .95mm

Fresh plug, gapped at .95mm


Are there any tricks to getting the plug out quickly on the AF bikes? I always have trouble with my tools hitting the frame.

Tank has to come off

Go read my reply in the co adjustment tool thread in this forum

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