YZF or XR or DRZ?

I’m going to buy a 400 thumper 1998-2001 range. I’m trying to get a handle on the differences between the YZF/XR/DRZ. I’m concerned about power, handling, and service. I ride about 1/3 each (trail, desert, mxtrack) Much of my riding is chasing my son on the PW50. I do some occasional novice 40+ racing, but nothing radical. I’d appreciate any thoughts from your experience.

if u chasing your sons pw50 get an electric drz, if u want a real thumper get the yzf....

The YZF is definitely the top of the line bike compared to the DRZ and last the XR.

The YZF is tops not only in the engine but also in the handling department. I would suggest the YZF just because it gives you the best of everything. If you need the electric start then your stuck with the DRZ or a KTM (also nice bike).

When I buy a bike I also factor in the resale aspect, of which the Yamaha wins again.

Aren't kids great!!!


they are all good bikes, but they are all made for different things. The YZF is probably your best choice, but in the woods it can be difficult to handle, until you get used to is. If your not serious on the MX track, the XR and DRZ can provide you with plenty of fun, but they dont have very much power stock, so some modifications would be neccessary, especially in the suspension department. Basically it depends on how hard you are planning on riding.


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