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Caselli Challenge Team ThumperTalk Bikes Shaping Up!

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Carson Giles and James Rhodes have been working hard to get their bike prepped to race on behalf of the ThumperTalk community in the Caselli Challenge this Friday at Glen Helen Raceway.


Carson shot us over this pic of the bike with its full custom graphics from the Folks at MotoFXGraphics.com installed on all new Acerbis USA bodywork. We think they came out great!


Other parts include Malcolm Smith Racing (MSR) Impact handguards & skid plate, Boyesen Factory Racing Clutch & Ignition Covers as well as their SuperCooler kit.


The bike is sitting on an MSR Podium bikestand and we'll be setting sag at the track using Slacker Digital Sag Scales provided by the Folks at Motool. Of course, thanks to FMF and the Caselli Foundation for kindly reserving two race team slots for us!





Interested in helping us support the off-road racer safety efforts of the Kurt Caselli Foundation? Click HERE to learn how. ThumperTalk is offering up to $500.00 in matching funds for community donations.




Photo by Cyclenews.com


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Finally, a shot of the YZ that Team Langholz/Triggs will be riding. Yep, you're not seeing things... That's a 2-stroke. 😉


Custom Caselli Foundation graphics by MotoFXGraphics.com, stuck on all new Acerbis bodywork. Boyesen installed their uber strong Factory  ignition and clutch covers as well as a Rad Valve for stronger throttle response. Bike is sitting on and MSR Podium bikestand and the riders are all suited in in MSR's latest gear. Soon we'll double check suspension sag with the Slacker Digital Sag Scales sent by the folks at Motool MX. 👍


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Now that I've had a couple days to catch up, I thought I'd share some fun pics from the day. The entire event was a blast, the track was awesome, and the trail loop was ..... exhausting (Am I getting too old for this.....nah..never!)


We were rocking a pretty nice pit setup full of bikes, beer and babes. After-all, why else do we do this?  


2015-12-04_155515000_5957A_iOS.jpg 2015-12-04_172619674_8B26B_iOS.jpg 2015-12-04_172800065_7BA57_iOS.jpg 2015-12-04_183640807_BEDFB_iOS.jpg


The sponsors really setup the bikes to represent with killer MotoFX graphics, Acerbis plastics, Boyesen engine covers and even some shiny new gear and bike stands from MSR . And the sag scale even came in handy when a quick adjustment was needed to get one of the bikes turning better in the Glenn Helen ruts. 


2015-12-04_172115991_474CC_iOS.jpg 2015-12-04_172133534_C543B_iOS.jpg 2015-12-04_172321460_E065C_iOS.jpg 2015-12-04_172348074_EF628_iOS.jpg 2015-12-04_172420259_3A24D_iOS.jpg 2015-12-04_172432299_86CFE_iOS.jpg 2015-12-04_224719194_27059_iOS.jpg


Now that the bikes were dialed in and everyone has put in a bunch of laps on the track, it was time for the real fun. The Caselli Challenge race was on. 




They guys at the Caselli foundation decided they would scrap the pile of boots for the start, and instead threw a curve ball at the race teams. Each team would have to race with a pair of boxer shorts, and change shorts every lap. And just to make it a little more interesting, the teams had to stop on the finish line table top to make the short change....HAHAHA!!


2015-12-04_201658290_D65E6_iOS.jpg 2015-12-04_201735410_717D3_iOS.jpg 2015-12-04_202845525_2DE60_iOS.jpg 2015-12-04_202847693_E85E4_iOS.jpg


The teams made a great run and had a blast. And after the race was over EVERYONE lined up for a final parade lap. Check out just how many people came out for this ride day. 



2015-12-04_203329956_09EE1_iOS.jpg 2015-12-04_203632183_5F2FF_iOS.jpg 2015-12-04_204121797_521E1_iOS.jpg 2015-12-04_204233070_D32C1_iOS.jpg



When all was said and done, everyone had a blast, the riding was great, and a lot of money was raised for a great cause. If you haven't done so already, make sure to mark your calendar for next year. This is just a great day of riding with a lot of great people, and even if you're not into racing, just coming out for a day of great riding with great people is worth the trip. 


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