Metal Shavings in Oil Filter

Changing my oil and oil filter in my 01 426 I noticed quite a bit of Metal Shavings in my oil filter. The bike was bought new in August 01. The filter has apprx. 20 hrs of hard riding. The oil I am running in the bike is 10-40 Pennzoil API SL, however the Yamaha manual calls for 10-40 API SH. The SH is designed primary for motorcycles. The bike runs and shifts fine. Have I damaged by tranney or are the metal shaving part of the "break in" procedure.

hi fastline,

your bike is ok, dont worry about it, all the new bikes have it. u can get the magnetic drain plug at mxsouth or elsewhere for 11.95 and change oil more frequently at the beggining.

Don't worry most of what you're probably seeing is aluminum flakes off the clutch plates. As stated above it's a good idea to get a good quality mag drain plug (terrycable/ziptyracing etc) and keep an eye on it when you change the oil.

Make sure you change the oil a lot and clean out the filter every time.


The metal shavings are normal but I would consider a higher quality motor oil. An ordinary quart of Pep-Boys $1.30 10/40 motor oil may not be the best oil for your motors longevity. Unlike a car, a motorcycle's oil has to lubricate the transmission and clutch also. Everybody has a difference in opinion when it comes to oil. Look in the archives to help you in your dicision.


Hey RichB,

If the flakes are aluminum from the clutch plates then they won't stick to a magnetic drain plug! :)

It took me a second to realize that. hehe!

It's strange, but I am getting very small metal particles on a very well broken-in YZ. Clutch looks like it is in good order, too.

Also, I took your advice from other posts about oil choices and I bought a gallon of the Mobil Delvac 1300 to try in my YZ400. I will try it out this weekend and post results.

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