Found some ball in the garage xD

I was cleaning my car and found some metal ball in the floor. Ball is 7,92mm in diameter. I was recently changing steel plates on my yz450f. Is it possible that I forgot to put ball in place when I was putting push rod in place??? Clutch works good BTW  :o


Thanks :D



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You would have had to take up a bit of slack in the cable had you left that out from between the push rods, but that is what it looks like, yes.

Hmm, my English is not so great, so I don't know what you're tellin me :o


Does that mean that my clutch lever should have basically no free play cuz it has to be pushed further?

its ok, i believe he is saying that IF you had left the ball out, there would be LOTS of freeplay in the lever. does your lever have the same amount of free play as it did before?

Practicaly no free play :o

Ive made that mistake before, start your bike and try and ride it. Mine wouldnt engage the clutch without the ball. Sucks but easy fix. My lever seemed normal

Clutch work prrfectly. So its possible that this ball is from something else? :o

Clutch work prrfectly. So its possible that this ball is from something else? :o

You feeling lately like you are missing some marbles from upstairs? :D 

I had balls like that on my floor and they fell out of the cheap ass casters on my shop stool I bought from harbor freight. Also had them come out of casters on a craftsman floor jack. You might check those possibilities

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