after engine is hot the starter will not engage

2003 wr 450 the bike has about 100 miles . i some times keep the battery charged up with a trickle charger . but here recently after the bike gets warm i go to restart the engine and nothing starter is not even trying to engage has anyone ran into this problem ? i know the battery is good

I have heard some say that if you kick it over a few inches that the e-start will then engage. I have never seen this problem with my bike but I did hear it on another WR450 that was in gear and we figured it was possible that at TDC the starter does not have enough torque to start the engine. :)

Along with Indy's suggestion, there have been starters that have failed on these bikes as well. If it's consistently failing to work when hot, I would get the dealer to replace the starter.

i hate to say this, but you may have a bad starter. the starter is always "engaged". it's not like a car starter that has a gear that engages the flywheel and retracts when the engine starts.

one thing you can do that is very simple is rock the bike backwards in gear. this will turn the starter. if you have a bad spot it will rotate the starter to a new spot on the armature. if that doesn't do it, it's time to cover the basics. make sure all your wires are tight and have good contact. if you can reproduce the problem when you are around tools, remove the small round cover that contains the idler gear. two bolts. remove the idler gear. try the starter again. does it spin? this will isolate the starter and narrow your search. if you are sure the battery has a good charge and good contact and the starter won't spin, your going to have to check the manual for the process to check the starter with a meter. it's a pain to get off, so be sure it's what you want to do.

you say the bike only has 100 miles. did you just get it as a left over? any warrenty left?

Another thing that will cause this problem is a sticking decompression mechanism on the exhaust cam. If the compression release does not function the starter can not turn the engine past TDC.

You may have a bad spot on the armature and if you rock the bike in gear or move the kick start a little and it then starts it is 99% chance yor armature has a bad spot on the Com.

You can either replace the starter as you cannot buy the armature seperate or I found where the windings join the com they are only crimped and if you have the skill you can resolder and then skim the com or take it to an Armature winder who should be a lot cheaper than a new starter.

It would also be interesting to know what other bikes starters are the same if anyone knows.

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