06 yz450f rebuilt top end, won't start!

Hey guys so I just got my top end back together after putting a new head gasket in and I've been kicking it over for the past hour and she won't start. It'll fire every now and then but won't run. I made sure the cams were timed right according to the manual and I took the head in to a machinist that does heads for bikes all the time so he properly seated the valves. Not too sure what to look for now, any suggestions?

I'm no expert but for me I would try some things first. Double, check timing. Check the valve clearances.. Check the spark next.. Check fuel next (kick it while twisting the throttle and check the plug; should be wet from the gas).. Check compression (have the compression tester?)

And wouldn't hurt to take back off the head and double check that the valves have been seated properly .

Did you try push starting?

Again no expert just my 2 cents worth

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