Owned my 426 for a year, no prodlems.

I bought my YZF about this time last year. Its my first bike and its been great, not one problem yet. I do all the regular maintanence and stuff but I have the feeling my luck is going to run out. What are some of the major things that should be done to these bikes after about 100 hours or so of use. Any advice or tips you guys have would be great.

Be sure to grease your bearings and pivot points every know and then with a quality water-proof grease, and don't forget to check and adjust your valves. A broken valve will ruin your motor and cost you hundreds.

How hard is it to adjust the valves?

I've got about 30 to 40 hours on my 01 and have not done that yet.

That reminds me. My WR426 is 1 year old this month too. No major problems either.

Good question Thomas ,Thats what I would like to know?

These bikes are pretty tough? :)

Here area few things to keep an eye on based on what I have noticed on my 00' 426 during the last few weeks:

Throttle cable (the "pull side" will begin to fray); steering head bearings (unless you've greased them at regular intervals, they might be just about done); relay arm bearings (these seem to wear faster than the other bearings in the rear suspension); shift lever (if you have to tighten it often, it is probably because it has stretched - if not, don't worry about it); rear swingarm under the chain buffer (see the posts on how to keep the buffer from eating into the swingarm).

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