Changing oil

I just picked up a 2011 YZ450F today and the previous owner stated I would need to loosen a bleeder bolt located on the side of the engine on the kickstart side of the bike. The bike did not come with a manual and I did some searches on this forum and you tube but found nothing about this "bleeder screw". I did see there were two drain bolts and the bike takes a full court of oil. I just wanna make sure I don't mess the engine up by doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated. This is my first four stroke bike since I was a kid on a XR75. Thanks in advance.

He is referring to the 'oil check bolt' on the side of the motor; some use it to verify the oil quantity in the motor.

You are better off to measure the oil you add, every time.

Thank you both for the information. 

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