2003 yzf426?

when? any news ?

Me too Gal,

Its time for a new toy for me. Is the '03 going to be aluminum framed like the rumor mill has it? I was thinking of a 250F but not too sure(I like the 426 holeshots too much). I seriously considered the 450f but supply is too low and demand is too high = no deals. Just can't bring myself to go back to 2smoke. The 426 has been relatively unchanged for 2 years so I know if I go buy something else now they'll release a better/lighter version for 2003.

On Thursday, I saw my friend who works for YMC. She said the testers have been VERY busy doing the final testing and getting things ready for production. She could not tell me very much but she said good changes will be happening.

>The Frame--changes to the frame will lighten the bike. ***IT WILL NOT BE ALUMINUM***

>Weight loss--she could not tell me how much but said that we will be very happy

>Displacement--will be increased but she could not say how much (I think we have this one figured out!!)

>Other stuff--some minor changes in a few areas but again, she could not tell me what they are

She was unsure if the same changes were going to be made to the 250F's. She did say there will be an increase in cost to the buyer, possibly in the $300-$500 range.


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Ernie, Do you think that the WR model will get the diet? The rumor mill is very strong about the E start being of the WR and its looking like it'll happen.


I never even thought of asking her about the WR models. If the YZ's and WR's use the same frame I could only guess that the WR's would benefit too. If I get to see her again soon I'll ask and see what she says. The e-start has been rumored to be true but I have no personal knowledge.

I'll see what additional (if anthing) I can find out. Hopefully she has not told me too much already and the Yamaha guru's read this forum!!!!


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Talked to a yamaha suspension guy the other day and he said it is a pretty well for sure that the 03 YZF will goto 450cc.

Has anyone heard of a "release of information date" It seems that the Yami dealer show is almost every June.....anyone hear of any big announcements for this??????

YZErnie....your report sounds exactly what I am hearing hear in the S.E.(although all info is rumormill at this point) .....I just talked to my dealer & I am #2 on the list for one.....I can not wait! :)

I would really like to have an 03 but since I was out for 8 months with my knee injury the 01 really doesn't have that much time on it. I have finally got it dialed and would hate to start over with am 03.

Now on the other hand..........I am hoping that the changes will also be with the 250F's. I have been thinking about selling the 125 and getting a 250F. There is nothing wrong with the 125 and with the mods is flat out rips. I'm gonna wait and see what is happening with the 03 250F's before I make that decision. If they stay the same I may just keep the 125 cause it is paid for!!!

Time will tell!!

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