No AP Squirt?

I just got done disassembling and cleaning out my carb. I then filled it with gas so I could check the AP squirt timing and duration (BK mod) since it's been awhile, but there is no gas squirting out at all! Am I missing something here?

I thought that maybe some of the passages aren't filling with gas because I took the carb apart? Does the carb need some vacuum (like if it was in the bike and running) to fill all the passages with fuel? I was pretty meticulous putting the carb back together, so I don't think it's anything I did. :)

You may have put the spring on the wrong side of the diafragm(must be on the button),or the AP jet is cloged...

this happens to me when i clean my carb to. back off your bk mod and prime it then set bk mod back.

SLR, you guessed it! After verifying that I installed the diaphragms correctly, I backed off the BK mod screw (squirt duration) and immediately got the squirt! I reset the screw to it's original setting, and now I'm back in business. :) Thanks for the help!

your welcome. :)

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