Racer X Films: Dialed In: 2016 YZ450F

Thought the whole thing was kinda a joke. Anyone can spin a few clickers and adjust sag.

I would like to see tuner setting, fork oil height, spring rate changes, sag adjustments from one extreme to the other, handlebar bends, tire choices, axel positions etc etc.

Don't just tell readers what to do, tell them why and what you did to get there...

Yeah also no mention of fork height, I've seen other reviews stating to rase them in the triple clamps

I don't think that dude really knows what he's talking about. So many variables behind proper suspension clicker settings, sag, and gearing that it's pretty much useless to listen to any of it. And I haven't ridden the newest YZ450, but how are you going to hit your boots on the air box cover and knock those dzus fastners off like that? I get that they snag on pants and stuff. Just throwing that out there. And I would say 'cool sunglasses' but that would make me a liar. Yeah, that video is worthless.

Ping is pretty knowledgeable yet never claimed to be the best setup guy. Wonder how much of that vid was scripted from Yamaha.

Um not useless it seems as a reference for a basic set up then go from there.

You very experienced Moto masters Likely wouldn't end up the same.

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