Fork oil weight. How does this affect handling?

In general, how does lighter weight oil affect handling compared to heavier oil?

I changed the stock oil to 2.5 weight and I seem to feel every bump I ride over.

I road another XR650 with 5 weight and it seemed to be much smoother.

Was this just my imagination?

Sounds like you have to much oil in the forks. With 2.5wt oil it should be plusher, more like riding on a pillow. With the lighter oil you will need a stiffer rebound setting then the 5wt rebound. About one or two clicks more. The oil is messured with the forks springs out and all the way compressed. 110mm from the top is a good place to start.

I recently switched from 5 wt to 2.5 wt--and i gotta tell ya- it took a few weeks to get the clickers dialed in--but the bike now handles everything much better.

You might have the wrong amount of oil, or some other issue now goin gon with yoiur forks-but the 2.5 gives a much plusher ride. Well recommended. 110mm from the top of the tubes with the spring out and the tube fully collapsed is what most go with. If your fat and jump triples-maybe more like 95mm.

Maybe you have some warn parts in the forks? Stiffer springs? Something else is going on-not the oil weight.

Interesting. I'm about 200lbs with my riding gear on. T

he bike is nearly new. I'm pretty sure I measured the only properly but maybe I didn't. I'll have to check it out.


If you didn't pump the rod a few times while filling (to bleed 'em) you may have air in the cartridges, which would give those symptoms. It'll work it's way through from riding but your fill levels may not be what you measured. You may wanna re-check 'em.

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