The letter that I wrote to Yamaha worked! They updated my bike to the '04 starter specs, Torque Limiter, side case all parts and installation for free :)

I had a good conversation with the Yamaha Tech. Rep. who did the upgrade on my bike. He is a very knowledgeable and good guy. I had the key shear twice so he wanted to try the parts on my bike. He believes that the main problem for those of us who have sheared keys, is the rotor being lapped properly to the crank - and I agree. The service buletin for lapping them is free, and needs to be done correctly, and not all dealers do it properly. Make sure and have it done by a good mechanic if you haven't already.

Also, you don't need to buy the entire side case. Yamaha will sell the bushing to you.


you've done it now! you just yelled "fire" in a movie theater. :) considering the hell you went through, it's the least they could do. now everybodys going to want all the who, what's, and where's.

Absolutely. we need to know the following:

Who at Yamaha USA authorized this (and his title)?

Was the bike still under 30 day warranty?

Did the dealer assist or put pressure on Yamaha?

Copy the text of your letter addressed to Yamaha in a reply post.

And give us the winning numbers for the next 30 million dollar Powerball! :)

Good news.......although I must say I am very surprised Yami showed a chink in the armor.

So you say "They updated" as far as the actual installation.........is that the same dealer that left you hanging or did Yamaha refer you somewhere else?

It will be interesting to see where this goes. :)

The regional service rep. called me and had me drop off the bike at the dealer where I bought it and then he did the installation himself.


I just called my dealer and told him about this, he's going to call his service rep, I gave him Dennis Mcneal's name. If they have done one Can they deny doing ours, or will they just say its because Eugene's bike had several failures and some of ours havn't?

Hmmm.. I just got a letter back from Yamaha saying they would not upgrade my bike, it is out of warranty, blah blah. I'll put a call into Dennis. thanks for the info.

so.... are they going to make this a recall, or will it be fixed on a "[@#$%&*!] by [@#$%&*!]" basis?? :):D


Eugene, you got the address for this Dennis guy?.

So I guess no one else has gotten Yamaha to do this besides jeff_eugene_or? Has Yamaha referenced his case to anyone who has called about it?

Just wondering...

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