I'm wondering if anyone has this noise that sounds like it comes from the left side (when your sitting on bike) of the engine, it sounds like a rattling noise. It only happens when you lug the engine. I only have about 360 miles on it, I'm gona guess I need the valve clearances adjusted. The noise though doesn't sound like typical valve noise.. (of course I never had a motor that had 5 valves in one freakin cylinder before either)

Any help would be appreciated...


03 WR450 *MudThumper*

My bike makes alot of noise when lugging from the chain slapping the guides. I have the factory reccomended play in the chain and it still slaps like crazy at low RPM. I think the engine runs REALLY rough at severly low RPMs and so therefore jerks the chain instead of evenly pulling on it.

your going to think i'm nuts but i don't think it's the motor. it's your chain. do some searching for chain noise. most of us have put peices of inner tube under the chain wear pad to stop it. it can get so bad that it will cause the wear pad to wear the swing arm. not good.

Get down and look at your sub-frame and frame for wear from your chain. I keeped hearing a noise from the let side. I cheeked the chain it really wasent that lose but I tighten it up and oiled it and the did it. I had a lot of wear on the alum sub frame from the chain( sometimes sounded like a rock hitting the frame from time to time). Good luck but that most likely is what it is :)

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