2001 WR426 wheels / tires for sale

Hey I'd sure be interested to see a few pics of your motard creation! Do you have any pics you can send? I have been considering a set of street rims too, but I have been leaning towards a set of 19"s with dirt track rubber. Where/What did you do for rims? Rim widths? Custom spacers? Cost? Hows the braking with the wave rotor?

Inquiring minds want to know~!


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I'm seriously interested in the 18" back wheel. Would you consider selling just it? If so, please email me at: TawmN@blackdogdualsport.com




Just followed your link to ebay on those WR wheels

I have a brand new yz 426 that i am converting for my son over to enduro/hairscrambles. O miles

not even the wheely you did on yours. Anyway if

you find some one that prefers the yz or 19" rear

I have one and would like your 18" rear. Just a wild stab in the dark.


winder till she stinks!!

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