04 YZ450F Tank and seat on Wr450

I boought a used YZ tank and a new YZ seat. The tank should fit fine, but the seat (which arrived first) is not even close. Is the seat even needed? Has anyone done this? Any suggestions?

I bought a Clarke tank for the 04 yz/wr's and it fit just fine. I then purchased a seat from a 2003 YZ-F and it didn't mount up either. When I talked with tech @ Clarke, they said, "..the difference isn't even noticable in the new seat/tank set up." I think the yz seat doesn't mount up due to the subframe/airbox/battery set-up on the WR's.


I just put both on and it's enough to bother me. I have 2 choices. One I tear the foam and cover off the new one and mount to the WR plastic. Or I wait to see if Zip-Ty's works. Their website says they have one that fits both, but information is limited. If I do my own I'll take pics.

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