FMF Titanium4

I bought the full titanium exhaust system for my 01 yz426f. Checked the FMF site for base line jetting suggestions. They showed stock settings of 45 pilot, 175 main. They suggest going to a 48 pilot, 180 main, leave the needle alone, and go to 2 3/4 turns on the air screw. All reasonable information. However, these are not the stock carb settings on my bike. I'm at a 42 pilot,162 main. I think I will start with a 45 pilot, and 167 main. Unless anyone has alreads solved this.

Thanks Gary

How do you like the fit and finish on the pipe? I know you haven't had time to test it, but I was curious about the pipe since I was interested in one. :)

Hey nelsongp1,

I bought the titanium 4 exhaust, with the titanium powerbomb header. I noticed that they had the wrong jetting information for the 2001 yz426's. So I called fmf up and here is what they told me:

Go up three sizes on your main, raise your needle one notch and leave your fuel adjustment and pilot alone. I did this and I ended up with moving the clip on the needle from the fourth position to the fifth and a 170 main. I still had to mess with my fuel screw, but this should give you a good place to start.


It is truly a work of art. I'm a dealer and looked at one at the Indy show. I bought it based on looks alone. It bolted on with no problems. The proof should be in the performance. I will let you know Bullitboy.

James, thanks for the tips.


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