Clutch cable

Hi, anyone know if a wr450 clutch cable and a yz cable are the same length? Seems the one I have is slightly too long. Any way to shorten or make some.kind of spacer? Cheers

Different cables. Just buy a new WR cable.

I just installed a brp sub mount and my cable is just on the edge of being too short now. What year is your bike?

Stock cable works if you re route it on the left side

Thanks for the replies. Yeah I agree, new cable is the way to go, just thought I could have used what I already had. Its a 2003, got it as a project. Previous owner also had a yz in pieces that he was selling also so many of the parts have been mixed...ah the joys of having a young family and not being able to afford new stuff, but at least I got something :). Ill try re-routing and see if it helps.

Thanks again

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