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I'm new to the off road ride. I saw this great article on the continental divide and said wow I want to do that so I bought a KLR650 put a ss brake line new shifter, corbin dish seat and stopped right there. It's a hell of a handful in the dirt and I am wondering if it just might be a bit more than I want to take on. I have a deposit on a 2003 WR450F which for some reason I thought would be lighter and better for a long dirt tour. Checked the Vin number and it is a 2076 out of the woodruff key range or so it seems. Did I choose the wrong bike again or should I stay with the KLR650? :):D

You need to have the dealer up grade to the 04 starter assembly as shown on this web site: and go to photos and select 04 starter upgrade and detailed instructions. Give that to your dealer and tell him that is what he has to do in order to complete the sale. Have him call Yamaha and get the parts for free! :) The bike is worth it when that is fixed. It is a fantastic ride! :D

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