Rent a FI diagnostic tool?!?!

Hi all,


I need to change the CO setting on my 2014 WR450.


I need the FI diagnostic tool, but dont feel like spending 120ish bucks to change one setting one time.  



SO, any of you guys with an FI tool, are you willing to "rent it out".  Obviously id pay shipping both ways and a rental fee.  Figured you could recoup some money on it and I wont have to spend the full bill for it. Win win.


If anyone would like to do so please let me know and we shall go from there!




where are you located at?

Why do you need to change it?

I was actually looking at buying one today. Factory CO is set lean "0%" setting for epa compliance. Everyone in here said it needs to be set to 8% - 10%

The seller on eBay out of Indiana where people were getting them doesn't have anymore listed. Anyone have links to buy? Or hell I would rent too. Or let people borrow if I got one.

I'm in Orange County.

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