Need some help converting a tire size

Can someone help me convert a tire size for my 650L my stock tire is 3.00-21 51S front-4.60-18 63s rear, I want to get the Avon Distanzia's. In the brochure that I got at the bike show it shows a listing for that exact size, but every catalog that I have is showing a different formula. I have always just gotten the Trail wings as a replacement, any help on how to convert this would be appreciated. Thanks

The metric formula is: xxx/yyy-zz where xxx is the width in millimeters, yyy is the sidewall aspect ratio (height as a percentage of width) and zz is the rim diameter in inches.

A 110/100-18 is about equivalent to a 4.60-18 and a 80/100-21 is about equivalent to a 3.00-18.

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