2007 yz450 popping

Runs great but pops quite a bit. Starts not to bad. Stock jets. Stock bike really, well weisco piston, hot rod crank. Stock exhaust. I dont know where the fuel screw is. Seems like the idle screw makes little difference in the idle. I do have a ket kit for it with a 160 m amd 45 pilot. What should i do to start?

I just took my jets out and they are already 45 pilot. And 160 main. What should i look at now. Fuel screw?

If it's poping on decel it's pretty normal.

Im the only guy really when i go riding. It must be running rich or lean or something, prob an adjustment

If it was me, I'd check the exhaust for leaks before I screwed around with the carburetor.

I did repack the muffler. Where would it leak? The connection at the head and the connection where the pipes connect?


Ok ill check for leaks. Is it possible when i repacked the pipe i have a leak there? Also i checked the fuel screw and it was one and a quarter turns out. Could that be the problem? I thought it was suppose to be 2 ish roughly with my jets 160 m an 45pilot. Im at sea level

So i cleaned the pilot and main jet and adjusted tje fuel screw to 1 3/4 turns. Almost no popping now but when i wemt ro start it i smelt gas and had to push start it to get it running. After riding for awhile ot did start again woth like 4 kicks. Is it to rich. Ive never smelt gas

The idle is def still hanging though. I read that is from a lean condition and i meant to say 1 and 1/2 turns out

Check your valve clearance.

The idle is def still hanging though. I read that is from a lean condition and i meant to say 1 and 1/2 turns out

hot start

fuel screw oring

header crush washer

loose boots

worn out slide plate seal

Gray i checked the valves the intake were .10mm and the exhaust .20. Should i move on the fuel screw setting again?

Seems like the hot start plastic screw into the top of the carb is tight, header is tight with a new crush washer installed at rebuild. I didnt take it off but it seems tight with no leak, boots seem tight and in place. Stupid question but is one turn on thw fuel screw a 360 or 180 degree turn?

180 is obviously half of one turn

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