2007 yz 450 fork height measurement

I read adding 5 mm helps with steering. I bought the bike like this see pic. What exact point do i measure from. Right now it way over 5mm.


Fork height is typically measure from the top of the triple clamp to the top of the fork tube. The attached picture would be read as 7mm of fork height. Of course you can use any reference point you want as long as you match both fork legsIMAG1006.jpg

Ok i didnt know if u measure to the top of the nut or. Are those yours, what benefits does it give you or not. I guess it depends on what bike u ride

If you raise the forks in the clamps, you will change the weight distribution to the front wheel, and steepen the steering rake a small amount.


Steering will require less input, and you will notice the rear will come out side to side with less effort

The effect on weight distribution is negligible at best.  The real change is in the steering head angle, which becomes steeper, less prone to push, or understeer, which is the same as saying it's more prone to oversteer instead.  It will also be very slightly less stable in the rough at speed. 


The change is small, and the difference in the bike's character will be subtle, but noticeable. 

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