Won't start - '15 WR450f

I think it boils down to a "cracked fuse". This is where the fuse link attaches to the spade inside the dark color of the fuse. Very hard to see, and gives you a sence of "Oh Shi+". This happens on my EFI Husky. Checked all the fuses and the looked good, should have just replaced them in the feild. Was hauled back to camp 16 miles by one of those Orange POS, and looked like a dummy. Put new fuses in it just for the hell of it, and fired right up. Never had an issue since.

Just throwing this out there - this bike is very difficult to start in the cold.  I've had issues where I couldn't get it to fire at all below 30F.  Next time you have an issue try putting the bike in a heated environment.


You have options for fixing this in the FI - you need the diagnostic tool to adjust idle mixture.  Cannot be done with power tuner.


Get out and ride!



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