I found this review of the 2016 wr450f

I lived in the UK (and Aus) and can tell you the terrain could not be any different from the western US or Australia. Like Krannie said....slippery, slimey, boggey, rocky, etc. You need very soft power and suspension for your bike to work there. My KTM 525 was set up for desert racing and just plain ducked until I pulled the piston and cam and reverted back to stock stuff.

This is a fantastic review if you live in a pseudo desert type environment. One thing I did find strange in that review was the author stating the power felt softer than the 2012-2015. This is something I will be keeping my eye on as I mentioned previously, the cams (including degreeing), piston, etc are straight out of the YZ. This bike should be stronger than the current model.

I think when you start reading the reviews coming out of Aus and the US, you will be seeing a different story. Yamaha appear to have pulled out the stops on this version like they did with the latest R1.

Need to get some more hours on my 2012 so I can justify the upgrade! Gotta ride!

I say WP's are already full of hot air....

I second that...

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