New tires for the 426. Looking for opinions.

Tires are pretty worn on my wr426 and thought I'd try something new out.

Bike currently has Maxxis Desert IT 80/100/21 up front and 120/100/18 out back.

Wasn't super impressed with either and would like to hear what everyone's having good luck with.

Did lots of searching on here only to find that many of the once great tires are no longer made by their manufacturers.


I was thinking of trying a Bridgestone ED78 out back 120/100/18.

 Front Im totally up in the air.... the Bridgestone X30 seems to have decent reviews.

Also was thinking I would step up the tire size to a 90/100/21 up front.

Bike is almost exclusively a desert bike. 3.5gal tank. Big LaPaz HID up front & tall gearing.

We usually ride out in the high & low deserts of So. Cal.


What do you guys think?

100 views and no one?


Motoz desert Tractionator h/t, front and rear


I ended up going with :

90/100/21 Bridgestone Battlecross X30   up front

and 120/100/18 Bridgestone ED78 Gritty out back.


I'll post up and let you know how they work :thumbsup:

Cool. Wish I could help. But where I ride, and where you ride, our tires wouldn't be compatible. But for some strange reason I love looking at new tires. I have used Michelin s12's but want to try some Washougals or Millvilles out. I have AT 81's on the new 250X I bought. But have to wait till spring to ride. Good luck.

I have the battle cross X30 up front. They don't make a 120 or I would put that on. I have always ran the M403 in the front. Great tire. The difference between the X30 and the M403 for me is that the X30 seems softer. Besides that I haven't noticed much of a difference. I love Bridgstone up front. Very stable and doesn't wash out. I ride a mix of Rocky and Desert trails. Works great for both.

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