need tips: bikes and apartments

My family and I might relocate this summer. I will likely have to stay after my family leaves and will need to rent a small place for maybe 6 months.

How do people deal with a dirt bike and an apartment? I've been thinking about it - it's like having a dog. Got to look for a place that will accept pets!

Anyway, do people just make sure they have a garage (townhouse, duplex, etc.)? I've seen some apartment complexes that have a row of garages that can be rented as well.

Any tips from apartment dwellers?


Steve T

You could also rent a spot at a storage facility, just make sure you buy a good lock.


Or get a 3bedroom



"BABY" :)

Back in the day I had a ground floor apartment with a little BBQ pad out the sliding door; it was surrounded by a 6' wood fence. I just covered the bike and kept it chained up.

Also, I've used storage facilities in the past (expensive though).

Good luck; been there, done that.

Do you have a REALLY good friend with a garage or shed? I mean I would help out my buddy for 6 months as long as he bought all my drinks for me. :):D

A friend of mine lives in an apt. and has his bike chained up in the living room. He put a big screw into the concrete and got a big chain and lock to hold it down. I don't know what this does to your security deposit though...

My advice get a ground level apt. and keep it inside the apartment if the owners will allow it. I have a house i rent and I keep my Ninja and my dirtbikes in the spare bedroom. I also have fire and theft insurance on all of them. I roll them right through the living room into the bedroom. I understand it can't be this way for everyone but hey guess I am just lucky. I am sure though if your bike is kept clean and does not leak anything then an owner of an apt. complex probably would not mind?? Good Luck, Frank

Thanks for the tips. I guess I'm really not crazy for considering it! I will try and find a duplex or something with a garage first but in case I get stuck I wanted to know how others are doing it!


Steve T

Mines in my bedroom!!

You could always by a cheap used 4 by 8 or larger enclosed trailer than you could keep your tools,gear, bike all together and find someone close that is willing to leave you park it there for a small fee or you might luck out and meet someone that won't charge you anything. I think that's the hot set up because you have everything in one place and if it's a long day and your tired just unhook it and your done. If your afraid of someone breaking in put a alarm on it. It could be your own little workshop. It would make more sense to pay on the trailer monthly if you don't have all the $$ rather than rent space or a garage and just throw the $$ away and have nothing to show for it.

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huffa - now that's a good idea. An excuse to get the enclosed trailer I've wanted!


Steve T

Is this post for real ? I can not believe someone asked this question !!!

My reply if its real is this

If you have to ask the question on who what where to live, then maybe it is a bit soon to leave Moomy and Dada

Ahole, er, EgoAhole -

Thank you for your very helpful and intelligent post. I will take your suggestion under consideration.


Steve T

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I have a buddy who lives on the first floor and like everybody else mentioned wheels it in the front door through the living room and puts his bike on the patio, which is surrounded by a four foot tall fence. He puts a cover on it and secures it with some big chains. I'd personally find a complex were you can rent some garage space to keep it, that way your not tied to the hours of some off-site storage place and the hassle of cleaning it up before you wheel it though the living room. Or if it's an '02 I'll keep it at my house, I promise I won't ride it

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Prefer Both Tank You Berry Much

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